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Long Term Care 




I have conducted thousands of over the past 21 years of educational presentations to church groups, Attorneys, Medical Doctors, and Individual families regarding the one devastating overlooked problem for everyone, Extended Care or as the Industry calls Long Term Care protection.


You see, we ALL have a 75% chance that before we pass away we will need some kind of extended care. The lucky ones are the last 25 that will pass away quickly or suddenly and that is the % that I wish to be but I do not have yet the crystal ball. I most cases the only thing we could do is be prepared in the event that we end up with those of 75%.

There are only 3 options we have on this subject:

  1. Payout the nest egg (Savings)

  2. Deplete all assets to get on Medicaid 

  3. Obtain protection via an Insurance policy that will pay for Home Care, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Facilities, Alzheimer’s facilities, and Nursing Homes.

The best insurance you have is the one you never use.

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